Paint Renovator 500ml

For use on heavily oxidised or faded paintwork to give you a surface ready for polishing

Even the most careful owner picks up the odd scratch and scrape from time to time. If you have a scratch or paintwork blemish, wash and apply Super Resin Polish firmly to restore the area. If this does not repair the area sufficiently, move up the abrasive scale to Paint Renovator.

Paint Renovator is not an "all over" polish; it should only be used on isolated marks and specific areas of paintwork damage. Suitable for hand use only and should not be applied by machine. Avoid applying to unlacquered metallic paint which may "shade".

Recommended in the 2016 Auto Express scratch removal product test.

Pro Tip: If your scratch is so deep that metal or grey primer can be seen you. are going to need to repair that by repainting the area or further damage could occur, such as rust or further loss of paint. Paint Renovator is silicone free and will not interfere with repainting.

  1. Test on an inconspicuous area first.
  2. Shake well and apply to a cool, clean, dry surface with a soft cotton cloth using strokes parallel to the scratch. Increase the pressure to remove specific scratches or stains. Decrease pressure to improve surface gloss. Check repair progress regularly.
  3. Remove residue with a clean cloth. Finally, polish with Super Resin Polish to maximise gloss, preserve the surface and remove any remaining marks.

Q: Can I use Paint Renovator to remove swirl marks?
A: Paint Renovator is ideally used to remove isolated blemishes on paintwork. For consistent swirl marks across the entire vehicle you may wish to use Super Resin Polish in the first instance as this is formulated to remove light swirls and provide an even deep gloss finish.

Q: Should I apply a polish on top of Paint Renovator?
A: Paint Renovator should be used to remove blemishes or light scratches in paintwork. Once the blemish has been removed, we recommend applying Super Resin Polish to rejuvenate the area and provide an even, deep gloss shine to your entire vehicle.

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