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1. Inspect your clean and dry paintwork for contamination or light scratches, and if required, treat with Surface Detailing Clay Kit or Super Resin Polish.

2. Dampen the white side of the supplied wax applicator. Gently dab the applicator on the wax in the pot and then apply to clean, dry paintwork in a light circular motion, leaving a thin even layer on all painted surfaces. Do not over apply as this may make the wax difficult to buff later. Do not apply to unpainted rubber or unpainted plastic trim.

3. Leave wax film to dry on the surface for 10 - 15 minutes. Buff to a high gloss with the supplied Hi-Tech Finishing Cloth, turning it frequently during use. 4. To maintain the finish, wash regularly with Ultra High Definition Shampoo. It will remove dirt but not the Ultra High Definition Wax.

After use, wash the applicator in a mild detergent, rinse and allow to air dry.

Unsuitable for matte paint.


What is Ultra High Definition Wax?

Ultra High Definition Wax is the result of countless hours of meticulous development in our state-of- the-art laboratories to produce our most luxurious wax finish yet.  We understand the pleasure of standing back to admire a truly immersive, deeper gloss finish. It’s why Ultra High Definition Wax blends the finest ingredients, including Carnauba, to go beyond showroom shine to a whole new level of finish.

How is Ultra High Definition Wax different from High Definition Wax?

Our Research & Development team continue to develop new formulations with the latest technologies and raw materials available. Our new Ultra High Definition wax not only generates an even deeper shine, but its softer composition makes it easier to apply and buff. We have also developed a new ergonomic applicator to further ease application of the wax.

Does Ultra High Definition Wax contain Carnauba Wax?

The original High Definition Wax contained Carnauba Wax. Ultra High Definition Wax contains a different, purer organically refined grade of Carnauba Wax.

Can I layer Ultra High Definition Wax?

Yes. The wax can easily be layered to offer increased protection. If you are looking for increased protection it is important that you apply thin layers of wax than one thick layer of wax. Application and removal becomes significantly more challenging if you apply too much wax. A thin layer is all that is required.  

Is it ok to apply Ultra High Definition Wax on top of Super Resin Polish or Ultra Deep Shine?

Yes. We would encourage you polish your paintwork with Super Resin Polish in advance of Ultra High Definition Wax to ensure it is in excellent condition prior to waxing.

However, we do not recommend Ultra High Definition Wax is used on top of Ultra Deep Shine.

Can I apply Ultra High Definition wax on top of Extra Gloss Protection?

There is no real benefit to adding this stage to your car care process. Using Ultra high Definition Wax on top of Extra Gloss Protection will only enhance durability marginally. It won’t harm the finish, but we do not recommend using Ultra High Definition Wax in conjunction with Extra Gloss Protection. It is an alternative way of waxing and protecting your paintwork.

How do I wash the Ultra High definition Wax applicator?

Firstly remove any excess wax, and then wash with warm water and a small amount of mild detergent. Rinse thoroughly and then allow to air dry. If machine washing, wash separately from clothing.  

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Ultra High Definition Wax

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Ultra High Definition Wax

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